Friday, March 10, 2006

So Sad to Hear...

About Dana Reeves. I can't believe she died. I really thought she would fight the cancer, and beat it. She seemed so strong, so upbeat about everything. I think what makes me the most sad is that her son is now alone in the world. He has lost both his parents. How much crueler can life get? I told Erik that is why I wanted to have more than one child, so one of them is not left alone in the world. But I suppose there are never any guarantees. What scares me is that I used to smoke, and she never smoked, and she still got lung cancer. It all comes down to nobody is exempt. I feel as if once we had a child with Down Syndrome, which we thought we were exempt from having anything but a typical, healthy child, that suddenly the floodgates were open. Suddenly, bad things happen to good people; people who have always played by the rules. That's how I feel about Dana Reeves. She played by the rules, she stood by her husband, she fought like hell. And still, that wasn't enough. It's so sad, and it scares me, because I wonder what is ahead for me and my family. I feel as if every time I turn around, there is another person I know who has some form of cancer. And it's not necessarily the elderly, either. It's happening to more and more people, younger and younger. I suppose I just have to really go back to believing in fate, believing that things happen for a reason. But I'm losing my faith and I'm not sure quite how to get it back.


Blogger Anam Cara said...

Just wanted to say hello and congratulations on the birth of Tess.
You sound very happy and content and I am glad things are well!
The death of Dana Reeve really hit me hard too. Very tragic and unfair how some people and families suffer so much. And her son, how awful to see both his parents go through what they did, and then he's left all alone. All that suffering at such a young age is just too much for my little head to fathom. It is very scary.

12:31 AM  
Blogger Naomi said...


Just came across your blog via CJ's threekidssandmore. I'm in Santa Monica and my son Callum is 3 next week (eek where does the time go). I saw that you're in LA and just wanted to say hello :-)

I'm just about to leave work but I'll stop by again soon and read more.

4:43 PM  

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