Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

It seems so odd that it's already 2006...I can't quite deny that mentally, I've been a little stuck somewhere around the middle of the year, not thinking this pregnancy would really survive and not willing to look too far into the future to plan for it. But here I am, almost 35 weeks pregnant and it's the new year! I think I've held my breath for most of the year, wondering if something bad was going to happen, to me or this pregnancy, or my family. I mean, ever since Owen was born, I have realized that we are not exempt. Bad things do happen to good people. I know, I know, Owen being Owen with Down Syndrome isn't really a bad thing, I have come to realize. But, it's the fact that he was not what we were expecting, and what everyone else expects and gets.

I have now passed the 40 mark, 40 pounds that is. I have gained 40-1/2 pounds to be exact, and I still have five weeks to go. And, my hands will not stop putting food in my mouth. I don't want to continue to gain a lot of weight because they say it all goes to the baby the last month or so, and since I am going to try to push this one out vaginally, I certainly don't need an excessively big baby to impede the road down the birth canal. I'm hoping the baby comes a little early, since Owen was (although I know that doesn't necessarily hold true), but even if she doesn't, I'm just very grateful that everything seems to be fine and progressing normally. I actually haven't seen my doctor for two weeks, and won't see her for another week, which is fine by me, and she seemed to be very confident that my pregnancy was progressing nicely and I didn't need to make the trek in unless I felt I needed to. I feel pretty good, and even though the baby is sitting very low, which makes me have to pee every 10 minutes, I still am able to go for a 20 minute walk most days. I have slowed down a lot, but I'm figuring that I only have five more weeks until I can get back to walking.

I can't believe how fast the time has gone, and how fast it is going to go. My month of January is already booked solid with work, my sisters coming town, a baby shower, and then, of course, the imminent arrival of the baby. I hope I can keep my wits about me. I already have been feeling the urge to sort through EVERYTHING in my house: every drawer that is full, every closet, every bookshelf. I don't remember being this way with Owen, but I suppose I was. I really don't think I will have this baby until I feel that every last detail hovering in my mind has been taken care of. Then, I'm sure, the time will come. Until then, I really am just enjoying being pregnant and being able to eat whatever I want (bring on those brownies!). I hope everyone (my phantom readers) had a safe and happy new year. And may this year bring many more babies...


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Happy New Year to you as well!

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