Sunday, December 04, 2005

Maori Healers

I mentioned before that I had gone to see the Maori healers when I was ten weeks pregnant. They came back into town, and I decided to see them again, on the advice of my doula, who works with them. I also brought my son and my husband, hoping that the head healer, Papa Joe (who works with babies, as well as pregnant women, and infertility), could help my son with the sensory issues he has been having lately. Owen would only let him work a little bit on him, so I'm not sure how much good it did him, but Papa Joe looked at me and said, "Owen is going to be Owen, and he is going to be fine." I really took to heart what he said, because it's true, Owen will be fine. It's just me who doubts, nobody else. Everyone else who knows Owen knows that he will be okay; I guess it's just me and my own insecurities that keep me from believing it. Papa Joe asked me if I knew about the indigo and crystal children, which is a whole fascinating study on it's own. Anna, my doula, when she met Owen, immediately said that she thinks he is one of the crystal children. And, he is fascinated by crystals.

When I had my session with Papa Joe, Anna told me that he would be able to open up my hips and help me get a little more comfortable, and that it would take hours off my labor. We shall see, I supppose, but Papa Joe did this amazing deep tissue massage on me and the baby. I could actually feel the baby following his was incredible. He also worked on my C-section scar, so that any remaining tissue would not get in the way of the birth. After I was done, I felt so immensely relaxed, and tired. When I stood up, he looked at my stomach and said, "baby is coming early," and I said, "I hope not too early." He said again, "baby will be early," and Anna looked at me and said, "Papa Joe is right nine out of 10 times." So, maybe she will arrive early. It's hard to believe that I have less than ten weeks to go, and if she comes early, that means less than that. I wonder, what must I get ready right now so that I am prepared? What am I putting off that I must get done so that I have nothing holding me back from having the energy to push this baby out vaginally? I must truly be ready and be in the moment.

I truly feel that the Maori healers have such a good energy and are healers. I know some people might think it's pretty out there, but even my husband, who is somewhat of a non-believer in a lot of things, thinks that they are beneficial. My husband is such an amazing guy. After we went to the Maoris, he told me that he absolutely supports my decision for a VBAC, and that he is with me 100%, regardless of what happens. It's nice to have such a great support system. It makes me proud to call him my husband.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there you don't know me but i am Papa Joes neice practically grew up known him as my 2nd father.

Your stories amazing i'm glad to hear that your husband supported you and the maori healers.

Our people are extravagant people and i am proud to be a maori.

I miss him soo much that i google everything about him and came across this, so thank you heaps.

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