Tuesday, November 08, 2005

27 weeks today!

I really didn't think I would get this far, and things seem to be going well. I just had an appointment with my doctor today, and my little girl seems to be pretty active, with a good, steady heartbeat. The doctor said her head seems to be down, but I'm sure she'll still move around.

I've been so intent on enjoying these days with my family and being pregnant, feeling the baby kick, that I've almost been lazy. I haven't wanted to pursue anything that I don't have to, and a nap in the afternoon sounds infinitely more inviting than gathering paperwork or paying bills. But, as with anything, this time will come to an end. I remember when I was pregnant with Owen, I felt as if I had to go to every last event I could, so I wouldn't miss out on anything. Now, my priorities are so different. I would rather spend the evening home with my family than pursue boring events where people are out to make contacts and act pretentious (life in LA...). I think how silly it all seems, when I am at home with Owen, delighted that he is learning new words, that he's potty trained at 2, that he can do what other kids he age can do (maybe not as good as they can, but pretty darn close!); it's those times that I wonder why I was so hot to pursue my career, putting my plans to have children on hold. For what? What has my career ever given me that children hasn't? I feel more joy out of watching my son learn things that aren't a struggle for other kids, and knowing that he can do them because we are there, urging him, encouraging him. That is fulfillment. Perhaps I am in the wrong line of work??

I now know about 13 people who are all due with babies from January to May. It's definitely baby season. And, out of all of them, everyone seems to be turning pink! My husband thinks it's going to be a clean sweep of girls, but I think there will be a few boys mixed in. I just can't believe I'm only 13 weeks away from being 40 weeks! That's if the baby doesn't come early. I'm hoping she's a little early. I wouldn't mind a January baby. We'll see...


Blogger vixanne wigg said...

Wow! Time flies! I can't believe you're 27 weeks already. I'm so glad that everything is going well.

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