Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Holidays are Here

I didn't even think that the holidays would get here so fast, and here they are...I guess because I knew that I would be very pregnant if they got here, and it just didn't seem like a possibility. But here I am, very pregnant and it's the holidays...

I am now at the point where I am having trouble sleeping, and my hands seem to be falling asleep all the time. Last night I woke up twice and they were hurting so much that I was afraid I had been sleeping on my back and all the circulation had stopped to the baby. (I haven't felt her move this morning yet, either.) I was so tired, though, that I just sunk into sleep and slept for 10 hours. Owen didn't sleep the night before because he's getting a cold (which Erik has had all week), and I just can't get sick right now. I don't want to deal with fighting a cold that I can't take any medicine for. (Okay, I just felt the baby move, so I feel better).

I think I'm going to take Owen to the zoo today, since they have the reindeer there. That is one thing I love about living in LA. It's been almost 80 degrees for the past couple of days, and chilly at night, but I can take Owen to the park, and the zoo and out shopping without worrying about crazy weather. Plus, some people have already left town, so it's a little less crowded. And, nobody ever thinks to go to the zoo the week before Christmas! It will be nice to spend the day with him. And the only reason we have this free time is because his speech class was cancelled today. It's funny, because we don't have that many therapy sessions, they are all pretty manageable, but they just happen to fall in the prime time of his day, so I can't seem to do anything else with him, like go to the park, or take him for a walk. By the time I get him home, it's lunch and a nap, and then when he wakes up, it's too dark to do anything. I'm definitely ready for the lighter hours to come back. And since yesterday was the shortest day of the year, we are now on our way to longer days, yea!!

Only seven more weeks until the big event, and I think I'm pretty ready to try for a vaginal delivery. Her head seems to be in the right position, and if she stays that way, I have a shot at it. I actually am going to write a birth plan this time (which I didn't do last time), and mostly because I'm at a new hospital and my doctor said that it should include what I want for the baby as well, meaning the shots, formula when she's not in my room, or God forbid, any kind of emergency measures. I think it's a good idea for my husband to have a guide, too.

I just pray that all goes well this time and there are no surprises...


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