Monday, January 09, 2006

One Month to Go

I'm only four weeks away from having this baby, unless she decides to come early. And, the worst part of all, she is now sitting on my sciatica nerve, which makes me unable to walk. I can only limp around the house. Owen did the same thing when I was pregnant with him, and it was right at the end of my pregnancy. I suppose they save the hardest stuff to deal with for last...

I'm getting really excited about trying for a Vbac. I need to be in the right mental state of mind, and I feel as if I am more excited than I ever was with Owen. I was just afraid with Owen. Things change, though.

My sisters are coming in town this Friday to throw me a shower. I can't wait to see them. I will have a bunch of my friends here, and of course, (there is always one), one of my friends wants to bring her child to the shower. I don't understand why people just assume their children are invited, when the invitation went out only to her. And, her child is one of those holy terrors who knock things off shelves and want to pull everything out. I can just see her trying to open all the presents. I told her mom that I would appreciate it if she didn't bring her, but I think she is still going to. I kind of wish I didn't invite her. I only invited her as a last-minute invite because she just moved into our neighborhood and I've been promising that we would get together. Oh well. Whatever happens happens, but I have spent far too much energy on being irritated by her.

So now the countdown is on. We'll see when my little girl decides to make her arrival!


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