Tuesday, February 28, 2006

One Month Already?!

Tess turned one month old a couple of days ago. I can't believe she's already been here for one month! I know that time will just fly by, and it makes me sad. I so love being home with both Owen and Tess. I really don't want them to grow up and get older. I want them to stay just like this, and we live each day, caught in a time warp, nobody aging, both of them babies, and me perpetually 38 years old with the prospect of possibly having another.

Tomorrow night is the support group meeting that I started: I call it MOMs (Mentoring Other Moms) because we all try to reach out to other moms with babies with Down Syndrome. All the moms have babies with Down Syndrome, Owen is the oldest. One of the moms has a child with William Syndrome, which is very similar in delays to Down Syndrome, so she has joined us. I just found out one of the moms, who has a little girl named Rachel, will be taking her in for heart surgery this week. She was born with not just one, but three holes in her heart. If anyone out there is a prayer goddess, please pray for her.

I love the group of women that I get together with. In an alternate universe, if we had just met on the street, or at the store, these would probably be the kind of women I would hang out with. But we didn't. We met because we all share a common bond, our child was born with a different genetic makeup. I have to say, one of the reasons I love getting together with these women is that there is no pretense, no bullshit. We just talk, and we get to the heart of things. We don't bother with trivial conversations; we talk about what our fears are, what our hopes are, what we long for for our children. We only meet once a month, but it is like therapy for the soul. Maybe God did know what He was doing when He gave us our children. After all, I know that somewhere along the line, we are going to change people's perceptions of Down Syndrome, if only a little bit. And that will have made my son's life worth sharing.


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