Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Full term?

I am now 37 weeks, and I guess that is considered full seems odd, somehow, that it could still be even five weeks before I have this baby (although my doctor probably won't let me go beyond my due date of February 7th). And, at the same time, I could have her any minute! She is sitting really, really low on my pelvic region; in fact, so low that I have to literally walk with my feet outward because it hurts. I never remember Owen being so painful, but then again, I don't think Owen ever dropped. My water broke, and he was stuck. This baby (whose head is down in the right position, yeah!), is really pressing on me. My bladder is working overtime, and I can't seem to go anywhere without having to find the nearest bathroom. But, I am NOT complaining, I am very, very happy to be pregnant, and full term, with all the usual symptoms.

I have a really big event tomorrow night, which I'm hoping this baby doesn't decide to come in between the space of now and tomorrow night, because I am really proud of this event and want to pull it off. I know I can't time nature, but I hope she's listening...

I am so excited to try for a vaginal birth, how crazy is that? I'm actually secretly excited to find out what day she picks for her birthday. I mean, how cool is that that our babies can pick the day they are born? Well, except for all those repeat C-sections, the moms who want to be in control (oops, don't know the repeat C-sectioners, I could have been one of those, and might still be if things don't progress the way they should).

The weather in LA here is so perfect for me right now: chilly, the fog rolling in, and the mountains in the distance covered with snow. This is our winter, and it's exactly how I like it: not too cold, not too warm, but moody and mysterious and lovely.


Blogger vixanne wigg said...

Yeah!!!!! Eeeeek! So excited for you and can't wait to hear about her birth and all about her!

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