Friday, July 14, 2006

Sigh of Relief

Finally, finally, I got a call from Owen's pediatrician to say that the blood tests all came back fine, there is no issues. I can actually breathe a sigh of relief (until next year...). It's amazing that all those bruises he got on his leg, he must have had ten on his shins and thighs, are all almost gone, and maybe he has one or two. I suppose he is just being a three-year-old. He has gotten a lot more daring in his escapades, so he does fall a lot more now. He still is a very cautious kid, but for him, he's been doing more.

So school started on Wednesday. I stayed for the first half hour, and then I told him I was leaving and he started to cry. The teachers said, "bye, mom, he'll be okay," and I left with Tess. I felt so bad, but then I figured if I didn't leave, he would cry again the next day, which he did, of course. But they said he was a little better the next day. It was worse leaving him the second day because I could only drop him off at the gate with the other kids, and hand him to the teachers. I told him I was leaving and he started wailing. I felt so bad. Again, they said, "bye, mom, we'll take care of him," but I could hear him crying across the playground. I just thought, how awful that we have to leave our kids in the hands of strangers, albeit capable strangers, but nonetheless, strangers. And strange kids, too. I called the classroom later, and the teacher's assistant told me he was playing, and was only crying on and off. Apparently when Erik picked him up he was quite happy, so I suppose he'll get used to it. It makes me sad that he is already three years old, and already off to school. I know that he has to grow up, but I do sometimes wish he could stay just like this: a little tiny man, with soft baby skin and rounded knees, with pudgy hands and a little sweet mouth he puckers up to kiss me with. I just love to watch him as he sleeps at night, arms tucked under his head and his legs thrown across the bed. He already is growing out of his little toddler bed, aas I see how his legs stretch further and further down the bed. Oh, my little boy, soon to be a man...


Blogger The Imperfect Christian said...

My parents had me tested NUMEROUS times because of all my bruises and it was always negative. I STILL bruise very easily, but it's just part of who I am.

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