Tuesday, July 11, 2006

School Starts Tomorrow

We visited Owen's new preschool yesterday, and I'm glad we chose to bring Owen, even though it was a Parent/Teacher information meeting. I felt that he really needed to see the classroom, and meet the teachers, regardless of adults being there. If there is one thing I have learned about kids with Down Syndrome, it's that they really need familiarity. So, I couldn't just drop him off on Wednesday and say goodbye without first introducing him to the situation. It went well. In fact, a few other moms brought their kids and Owen played quite well with one of them. Then, he explored the room, saying hi to the adults and dancing a little bit (he does this little galloping walk, which he learned from, of course, "The Wiggles"). I feel much better about the whole school scenario, and in fact, I think Owen will do really well there. The teachers are great. I can't say enough about them. They really, genuinely seem to have fun with their kids, and as Owen's teacher said, "I haven't lost one of them yet." I am a little bit excited for him to start now, I think it will make all the difference in his learning, by broadening his world. He was so talkative in speech yesterday, too, which seems to me like a big difference from even last week. He actually said a few sentences, and was mimicking words nicely. Then, he chewed gum for about 15 minutes, on his own.

Besides, it will be nice to have some quality time with Tess. I feel like so often I am ignoring her while I pay attention to Owen, and I didn't want to be that parent.

Yesterday, we had a surprise visit from a woman down the street who has two kids (and is married to a famous actor). She stopped in to say hello and ask to see the baby. Now, we haven't seen them for at least six months, and they only moved in a year ago. I think they own a place in New York. But, it was nice that she took the time to stop in and say hello. Of course, our house is on the market, so if we do sell, there goes that friendly relationship. Actually, I've taken a little bit of Erik's attitude: I will only work so hard on a relationship, and then I won't. We had invited them for a playdate months ago, and they cancelled, and we never set up one again. So, I was a little surprised that she stopped. But I was glad, too. It's amazing what happens when you stop trying so hard...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cherish this moment with Owen, as this is a milestone in your families life together. You have made good choices Mom!!!!

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