Tuesday, March 28, 2006

April Showers

It's almost April and the rain is here. It will be raining for the next day or so, and in a way, I'm glad. Living in LA, when almost every day is sunny, I always feel as if I have to take advantage of the nice weather and be outside, and then I feel guilty for staying inside (must be a throwback to my life in Michigan: you never let a nice day go by without taking advantage of it!). So, I feel as if it's okay to stay inside and ponder my life, and enjoy my kids, and just let my day unfold. I have been printing pictures of Tess and Owen, finally!, so that I can show both of them off. I am so proud of my two beautiful kids, and every day I am still so amazed that they are mine. I often wonder why they chose us, what made us so special? I was asked today by a friend how everything's going with two kids, and I think she expected me to start complaining, but I couldn't. Tess is sleeping through the night except for one feeding, usually around 4 a.m, and then she's back to sleep until about 8 a.m. She's such a good girl, and so sweet. She really doesn't complain much during the day, unless she's hungry, or her diapers need changing.

I have to digress here for one moment: I was in for a big surprise with Tess when I realized that she actually cries when her diaper is messy (as a typical child will do). My friends and I who have Down Syndrome babies all laughed when we realized that our child never complained when their diapers were dirty, in fact, sometimes I would realize I had let it go way too long before I changed Owen. Now, with a typical child, they actually cry when their diapers are dirty! Who knew?

So, together, I think I have two of the best babies in the world: they eat well, sleep well, don't complain much and aren't too fussy. Although, lately, Owen has begun to imitate the baby's cry because he thinks if he cries like her, then I will pick him up right away and pay attention to him. Boy, that kid is smart, I don't care what those scientists say about his mental ability!


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