Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Strep Throat

On Saturday afternoon, Owen had gotten worse and the rash was making the skin peel off his body in layers, so we finally took him to the emergency room. The doctor looked at his symptoms and then suggested we draw blood in case he had something called Kawasaki Disease (which is not something you want your child to have, believe me!), and also took a culture for Strep throat. We were sent home with some antibiotics and told to check with the doctor the next day, in case it was Kawasaki Disease, which would mean he would have to be admitted to the hospital and have his system flushed of toxins.

They finally determined it was Strep throat, but it turns out our regular pediatrician said they had two cases just like Owen's where they thought it was Kawasaki Disease, so she was really curious about his symptoms. He's better now, but of couse, Erik and I both have been fighting fevers and major sore throats, so now I think that we have Strep throat too. But it's getting better now, so do I still go to the doctor for it? My mom thinks that you need to treat it regardless, but I am reluctant to go in and be given antibiotics, just in case. I suppose I should call my doctor, anyway.

My parents are in town, so it's been a little crazy, and of course, they arrived just as we were all fighting sickness. Does it ever end? Do we ever get healthy again? I've never been so sick as I have been since Tess was born, maybe because Owen is in school and he gives it to Tess and we all bounce around with it....


Blogger Jen said...

I feel your pain. We can't seem to all get well either.

Hope you're all feeling better soon!

3:11 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

You need to treat strp because, it can cause heart damage. I caught it from Nicky a few weeks ago, my Dr. just looked at my throat and ordered antibiotics, avoiding the culture. But, I feel your pain. Nicky also had a strange rash, it didn't look like the classic scarlet fever rash. His Dr. was surprised that he strep too.

10:09 AM  
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