Monday, August 06, 2007

I'm back!

It's August already, I'm so amazed at how fast time is flying. I'm really glad to see summer going so fast...I'm pregnant again (12 weeks on Friday!) and the heat is killing me, even though it hasn't been that hot. My body temperature is just a few degrees hotter, which makes all the difference.

So far, all seems to be well in this pregnancy. I'm sick during the day, and really tired, and my belly is getting rounder. I'm so happy I'm pregnant again, and I'm trying to enjoy this since it will be my last baby. Of course, no sooner did we find out we were pregnant that my youngest brother called to say his wife was pregnant with their third. "So I guess this baby will probably be the last grandchild," he said, which I thought was rather presumptious. I didn't tell him I was pregnant, because I hadn't been to the doctor at that point. So when I called him back a few days later and told him that he was right, their child probably would be the last grandchild, since ours was due a week earlier, I think he was really stunned. His wife is so competitive with me, I don't understand it. And they are so cocky about having kids. I really didn't need to know about how she told him it was "time," and in one shot she was pregnant. It took us about 9 months to get pregnant with Tess after a miscarriage, and then this time it took us about 8 months. Some people just don't get it.

Anyway, enough about them. I'm excited about having a third child. This baby will be sometime around Valentine's day. When I told Owen the other day that "Mommy was going to have another baby, is that okay?" He looked at me and said, "yea, Mommy." Then he reached up his arms and said "hug." It was so amazing. It was like he really knew. He's only done that a couple of times where he really knew I needed a hug, and asked for one. I think he is so intuitive.

He has been taking the bus to and from school. It has made him so much more independent. He really likes it. I was so worried about putting him on a bus alone with a male driver, but then I realized that they only have a certain amount of time and they have to be at school, so I was okay with it. It's a female driver who brings him home. But he likes it. He has grown up so much since last year. The teachers say he is doing great in school. I'm so proud of him.

And Tess. She just amazes me every day. Lately, Owen tries to take every toy from her and she says, "no, mine!" I think she learned that from Owen. He will say, "it's mine," and walk away with something. She's smart. She picks things up fast. She's been walking since she was 16 months, so she is getting the hang of it, but I think she's a lot like Owen: very cautious. Both of them are very leery of running too fast or stepping on things. Tess is talking a lot, too, and putting words together. It just seems so effortless on her part, whereas with Owen we struggled to watch him learn to communicate. And he does communicate, it's just his own language sometimes. He still has garbled words, but he is getting more and more clear.

I know that this new baby will be the right addition to our family, I only hope that God sends us another typical child. I love my child with Down syndrome, and if we had another one, he would always have a companion, but I hope God sees that handling one is enough for me.


Blogger shellsbells said...

Congratulations!! I'm sure everything will turn out fine. I'm glad you're posting again because I've missed reading about your happy family. :)

12:52 PM  
Blogger Leticia said...

What a beautiful attitude you have about this pregnancy! Would you like to share this lovely post?

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Leticia Velasquez

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