Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

This morning I got up with kids and tried to start packing. We have one week to move into the new house, and the new house isn't even finished. We will have to live downstairs while we wait for the bathrooms upstairs and the carpet to be put in. My husband even suggested we live with his parents for a few weeks, which makes me cringe. Not that it probably isn't a good idea, but I don't know that I can do it. I put up with enough criticism from his mom, I can't imagine being with her 24 hours a day. And, I took the next two weeks off so I could pack and move, and that would mean I would be stuck in her house with my kids (with an ungated, uncovered, unalarmed black bottom pool in the backyard).

And by the way, Tess is crawling, yea! She is moving and grooving, and trying to stand up already, which makes me nervous because I really don't want her to walk too soon. Owen took so long that we got very comfortable with him being mobile by the time he was walking. With Tess, I feel like she is trying to do new things every day and of course, she's not nearly as cautious as Owen, so she falls more.

Not to mention that having a crawling baby among packed boxes of stuff is not the best thing. I really do hate moving. We lived for so many years in my parents house, and then when I moved out here I spent at least 2-5 years in each place. Since Erik and I have been together, we have moved four times, not including a move out of the this house for three months and then back.

I was so sad the other night about leaving this house. I broke down and cried. I just love this house and the memories we have made here. It was the house Erik and I moved into right after we got married, and then we had Owen here and Tess. I know the other house will be great, and we will just have to make new memories, but we will be so out of sorts for a while until the construction is done that I am just not looking forward to it.

I suppose in a few months everything will be okay. By that time, we will have adjusted, and at least we didn't have to move into a temporary apartment. We will be able to walk to the park and the library. So what if I have to be gone with the kids for most of the day? I suppose life could be worse.

Happy Turkey Day to all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that your move went well and that you have settled nicely in the new place.

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