Thursday, August 31, 2006

Surgery Behind Us

We just got back from surgery; Owen had tubes put in his ears. I had a couple of flashbacks to when he got his first surgery, for an undescended testicle, and how we were told the surgery would last no more than 2 hours, and we were waiting for 2-1/2 hours! But I said some prayers, and no more than ten minutes went by before they called us into the recovery room. Owen wasn't there yet, but when they wheeled him in on a gurney with an oxygen mask, even though we knew he was okay, my heart stopped for a moment. It it just such an awful image. I have to say, though, this kid is a trooper. He was awake within minutes, pulled everything off him, including the blood pressure band and heart rate monitor, and was asking for water. He must have drank half a bottle, he was so thirsty. But he didn't throw up at all. Now he is happily playing upstairs with his grandmother.

When we took him in to the pre-op room, I thought for sure once he figured out what was going on he was going to have a fit. But the anesthesiologist was really easy-going, and he took to him right away. They put him on a gurney, and started to wheel him down the hall. I had already given him a kiss and a hug. Owen looked at Erik and said "Daddy," in that small-I-might-cry voice, but then Erik said "we'll see you in a little bit, Buddy," and Owen turned around and went along with them. He didn't even turn back to look. I saw a nurse say hello to him and he waved at her. I turned to Erik and said, "he is growing up so fast," because even three months ago, there is no way he would have gone in without kicking and screaming and crying. But, school has definitely helped.

I just hope that this helps him speak more clearly. It seems the one thing we all want for our kids is to speak clearly and be understood. Not a lot to ask for, right God??


Blogger RNP said...

Well, I am glad the surgery is behind you and that he did well. I am also hopeful it will help out with his hearing.

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news!!!! Sometimes we just need to have a little faith :-)

7:34 AM  
Blogger The Imperfect Christian said...

Oh, I hope these help! I know they did with my middle one. That same day she was making new sounds!

8:48 PM  

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