Thursday, May 19, 2005

Is it the water?

I just don't understand what is happening. In a previous blog, I mentioned a friend of mine who was pregnant again following two miscarriages, and that she was happily living her life. I was really happy for her, I mean, I've only had one miscarriage, so I thought she had paid her dues (I'm not sure what we are all paying dues for, but someone, somewhere is keeping a log, because this can't just be a fluke that so many people are having trouble). My husband told me last night that they found out she had another miscarriage, her third.

I feel so bad every time I hear about another person having a miscarriage, or some sort of problem. Even though I get jealous that they are pregnant, I don't wish them harm. But, somehow, it seems as if every pregnant woman lately that I felt a tiny bit of jealousy for because they were pregnant again (there were about 10 of us all pregnant with our first about the same time), they have all had either a miscarriage or an early birth with problems. I guess this is my alarm to any pregnant women reading this: stop. Go away. Stop reading about my blog, and finish your pregnancy like a good girl somewhere else. Somewhere happy, where the flowers bloom and everyone wears Ralph Lauren.

So again I ask the great gods of nature, what is it in our environment? What is it that is polluting our systems so that we are unable to achieve pregnancy? All these people I know have had an uneventful first pregnancy, and then the trouble started. I had an uneventful pregnancy, well, with a glitch (that damn 21st chromosome!), when I was considered low risk. Then I had a miscarriage, and now I wait for my body to do something besides keep normal working hours. I suppose it's that damn plan again...


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