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I thought I was in the driver's seat, but then somehow, somewhere, someone or something else took over. This wasn't the way I imagined it. This was not the road I would have taken. I have a son, who is 22 months old now, who was born with Down Syndrome. Except we didn't know that he was anything but fine until he was 7 days old. Then the test came back. Then they told us. Funny how the future collides with big scary events and suddenly your universe has experienced the Big Bang Theory. Like *Bang* we thought everything was fine, but so sorry, your son has Down Syndrome.

But let it be known for the record -- this is for all you tactless people who say stupid things -- we chose not to take any tests. Yes, we are well aware that there are tests to determine whether we are having a perfect child or not. and yes, we decided to take the risk and yes, we are the statistic. We chose not to mess with our pregnancy and take what we were given. And, in fact, we were given a healthy, loving little boy, who is amazing.

But we would like to have another child, and therein lies the problem.


Blogger chris said...

Hey. I think I'm your first commenter. Blogging is great therapy. Well, at least I hope it is.

My neighbor (the pregnant one) has a brother with downs. He was born when her mom was 22. She and her sister came a few years later and she became a special education teacher because of her brother. There is no more loved son than this guy--he has a full, wonderful life.

As an aside, I think that's why my pregnant neighbor is so easy to be around. She gets, for the most part, that things don't always go the way they think we will.

Take care.

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